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        Jiangsu Junyao Wear-resisting Fire-resisting Co.,Ltd is founded in 1992 in Yixing, the capital of ceramics in China. As a joint-stock enterprise of R&D, production, operation, design and construction, Junyao has three manufacturing plants and a refractory material testing laboratory, offering services to cement industry, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, metallurgy industry, power generation industry and other fields. Currently, it is an AAA-credit enterprise, and is recommended by the Department Engineering Construction of Sinopec. Meanwhile, Junyao is also the first-tier enterprise for material reserves of PetroChina, and a designated supplier of the State Grid Corporation. As the standard maker of silica-mullite-andalusite bricks (GMB Bricks), Junyao passed ISO9002 quality system certification in December 1999, and won the second Award on Science and Technology Progress by the China Building Material Federation in December 2011.

        The tenet---"Learning, innovation and development" is representing the course of Junyao. In virtue of insisting on such a spirit, the Luoyang Refractory Designing Institute, Metallurgical General Hospital, Building Materials Academy and other scientific research institutions have been its long-term cooperative partners. Due to long-term practices, this corporation has developed various new-type refractory materials to satisfy the special requirements of industry kiln. The technical characteristic of the products which has gone through the inspection by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and passed long-term use proof of over one hundred users in such industries, for instance, cement industry, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, metallurgy industry and power generation industry, is rather stable and has achieved and exceeded the level of similar products at home and abroad. 

        Junyao has 250 registered staff, 32 technical personnel above intermediate title and five external experts. The enterprise’s registered fund has attained 82.80 million yuan and its fixed assets are 132 million yuan. This company simultaneously possesses 3 high-temperature tunnel kilns, 6 spindle type kilns, several friction press machines (100t, 200t, 400t, 300t, 500t, 630t, 1250t and 1500t), with the addition of some vibration machines and hydraulic presses more than 20 sets. In the meantime, it owns a series of test equipment, one production line of high-grade lightweight heat-insulation refractory bricks and one production line of high-temperature heat-insulation refractory castable. The annual production of fire-resistant material has risen to 72,000 tons and non-stereotyping refractory has also arrived in 15,000 tons.

        "Technology creates value" is the company's slogan.  Junyao has researched and developed one kind brick in which the main elements are silica and mullite crystal. It even has the proprietary intellectual property rights. More to the point, in the current domestic, it is the only precedent to comprehensive substitute this new kind of brick for the imported spinel brick about being used in transitional zone and the mouth of kiln which belong to one 5000 T/D rotary cement kiln. The bricks’ advantages---“long use life, energy conservation and emission reduction, convenient warehousing” make the ideal effect when they are applied in the synchronization using of all refractory materials in the kiln.

        Over the years pursuant to a concept---"everything for customers", Junyao achieved good operational result. Product quality, technical support, after-sales service and other aspects, all of them have come up to the domestic leading level. There is no doubt that the products of this company set up a good brand image in cement industry (Southern Cement、Northern Cement、CUCC、Sinoma Group、Conch Cement、Jidong Cement、Tianrui Cement、Shandong Cement、China Resources Cement、Yatai Group、 Huaxin Group、 Meizhou tower brand Group、Jiangsu Gold Peak Group、Jiangsu Leo Cement、Zhejiang Red Lion Cement、Shengwei Cement、Forward Stone、Gezhou Dam Cement、Changxing Cement, etc), and petrochemical industry (Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation、Jinzhou Petrochemical Corporation、Jinxi Artifice Corporation、Maoming Petrochemical Corporation、Nanjing Petrochemical Corporation、Shijiazhuang Refining &Chemical Co., Ltd、Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Corporation、Luoyang Petrochemical Corporation、Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Corporation、Sinopec Zhenhai Petrochemical、Hangzhou Refining &Chemical Co., Ltd、PetroChina Co., Ltd. Liaohe oil field Branch、China petrochemical Corp. Tahe branch ,etc).

        Junyao remains to implement the principle of "quality is life and service is endless" from beginning to end. And this company may commit itself to the research and development of new-type refractory materials along with some industry colleagues from home and abroad, promoting the localization process of high-grade wear-resisting refractory.